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Tower gives you access to the full power of Git and helps you build better software and websites.
Git has become a core part of every modern software development workflow. Around the world, developers trust and depend on Git every single day. But while Git offers many powerful new tools, it also presents new challenges: a steep learning curve, a new set of complexities and new possibilities for mistakes.

This is why Tower is the tool of choice for over 80,000 users in companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, IBM and Salesforce: it helps developers and designers use Git in a more productive and secure way. Enabling you to use all of Git’s power.

  • Seamless integration with industry-leading services like Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Microsoft Visual Studio, and more.
  • Manage your accounts from within Tower and clone and create repos with a click.
  • A unique conflict wizard helps you to solve merge conflicts in an easy, visual way.
  • Popular Git extensions like Git LFS and Git Flow come bundled with Tower.
  • Tower makes working with advanced Git features easy - from Rebase to Cherry-Pick, from Submodules to File History.
  • By making Git’s undo functionality easily accessible, rollback, revert, discard, amend, and more become actually usable.
  • Tower offers an in-depth File History, Blame views, and integrations with all major Diff applications.
  • Have full control over your commits with granular and semantic commits.
  • Tower can perform important tasks like Fetching or Stashing automatically in the background - for fewer mistakes and improved productivity.
  • Many complex tasks can be performed easily via drag and drop.
  • Extensive documentation, learning material incl. ebooks and videos, and first-class support.

Requirements: macOS 10.8 or later. No Git installation required.
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This deal has expired!
This deal has expired!