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Take the pain out of managing your receipts, invoices and expenses.
With Receipts, you can store and manage your receipts and invoices digitally so you don’t have to keep them in a box or your wallet, worry about them getting lost, or sort through them manually when filing your tax returns.

Almost as simple as sticking bits of paper in your wallet or purse. Infinitely easier than sorting through them all.

You no longer have to worry about keeping every bit of paperwork. Just use your phone to take photos of your receipts when you get them and then drop them into the app when you get back home.

Receipts will pick out the date, currency, amount, tax, and payment information for you automatically. It’ll even convert currencies using the exchange rate from the day of the transaction.

All you need to do then is choose a category and add any tags and notes.

You can import images, PDFs and emails. Receipts remembers where previously imported receipts were stored on your machine and check the same location for new ones each time you open it up.

Any paperwork from places Receipts already knows about will be categorized automatically.

In short, it’s a total game-changer.

Thinking this sounds a lot like Paperless?

Paperless is a great tool and one that we’ve featured before, but what sets Receipts apart is its strong focus on handling receipts and invoicing.

Foreign currencies are automatically detected and converted using the rate from the day the receipt was issued saving you from having to dig them out.

Built-in integration with iFinance and MoneyMoney (Germany only) makes it possible to pay invoices in a click.

Print and export your data in tabular form or as a PDF and add titles and summaries for delivering reports.

With automation, do something once and Receipts can take control.

Do you really need this?
  • Are you storing your receipts in a box?
  • Do you sometimes forget to take your receipts out of your purse?
  • Are you filing paper invoices or storing digital copies on your Mac?
  • Do clients ever ask you how much you spent on something when you were working for them?
  • Do you hate filing your tax returns?
  • Do you just like to keep tabs on your expenditure?
If you answered yes to any of the above then you need Receipts.

Requirements: macOS 10.10 or later
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This deal has expired!
This deal has expired!