Harris Design Complete Font Library
LAST CHANCE: 13 handcrafted typefaces
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Harris Design Complete Font Library
Complete collection of 13 handcrafted fonts and symbols
This library of handcrafted fonts and symbols from Harris Design is a must have addition to any font collection.

There's a couple of retro Art Deco style display fonts, Andesite and Bellerose Pro, the former in caps/small caps and both with fantastic circular characters.

Bellerose Pro Light is used by Mattel Inc.

Harris Modern is a stunning modern font that's oh so sci-fi 🤖

Mazama, used by Entertainment Weekly, is a beautiful uppercase display font with a bunch of swash alternatives.

Strasbourg is a blackletter/gothic that looks like it's straight out of a medieval transcript. Use it for decorative initials or a general renaissance style.

In addition to these, there are a number of symbol fonts for all kinds of situations, from outdoors and earth, through to emoji-esque characters. SignPix is officially designated by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service as their graphics standard for signs and publications!

Each font comes in both OTF and webfont formats.

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This deal has expired!
This deal has expired!