Flux 7
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Flux 7
Makes building websites as accessible as a visual web editor with the power and flexibility of hand coding.
With its visual approach to web development, Flux takes the most complex sites and makes their structure and styling clear, obvious and easy to tweak for web developers at any level.

The ability to directly edit your code turns this useful tool into the powerhouse that it is and is the reason it's been dubbed the “Dreamweaver killer” by many.

  • Visual layout engine for viewing and editing the page structure while you’re working.
  • All site code is directly accessible and editable, perfect if you’re learning to code or for pros making super-fast edits.
  • An Element Library for storing and adding common HTML elements and structures.
  • Master elements can be used multiple times throughout your site. Any changes to the master will be reflected on all occurrences of it.
  • Professional-grade code editor complete with code completion, snippets, code tidy, and themes.
  • Mobile-first responsive web design capabilities for building the perfect mobile-friendly sites.
  • Rollback for storing your website change history and copies of your files in case you need to revert back to them.
  • Work on local or remote files.
  • Code Context provides documentation and guidance for HTML elements and CSS properties.
  • Open and edit existing non-Flux websites.
  • Color swatches for managing color palettes. Import new palettes from colourlovers.com
  • Built-in support for embedding YouTube videos into your site.
  • Make web pages ready for sending as HTML emails.

Requirements: macOS 10.11 or later. 8GB of RAM or more is recommended.
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This deal has expired!
This deal has expired!