Command-Tab Plus
Application and window switching done right
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Command-Tab Plus
Application and window switching done right
The application switcher is, hands-down, one of the most productivity-boosting tools on the Mac.

Hold Command and press Tab to display the active applications and then use the Tab key to cycle through your open apps (holding Shift will go in reverse) and then release Command when you're on the one you want to switch to. You can use the mouse to select apps and even hide and quit them while the switcher is visible.

But there's still a lot of room for improvement. Which is where Command-Tab Plus comes in.

Command-Tab Plus adds keyboard shortcuts, so pressing 1 through 0 opens the corresponding app.

If you miss the way hidden applications were handled prior to Mac OS X Lion (hidden apps go to the end of the list), then Command-Tab Plus will make you very happy. Not only is there a preference to bring the behavior back, hidden apps can also be completely removed from the switcher.

By default, Command-Tab Plus only displays the apps in the current Desktop (formerly called Spaces) or current display, keeping things clear and concise while also helping to avoid the annoying jump from one Desktop/display to another.

While cycling through windows is possible in all applications (Command-`/ Command-Shift-`), it often feels unintuitive and only cycles through the windows of the active application. Command-Tab Plus solves this by displaying a list of all open windows when hitting a shortcut (Option-Tab by default). This makes it really easy to switch between tasks in specific windows in different apps, something that, for me, always involves a lot of flicker between apps and windows before eventually finding the window that I'm looking for.

Add to all the above the ability to customize the appearance of the application switcher in Command-Tab Plus (I like to make it look as similar to the default tool as possible) it really is an incredibly useful and beautiful tool.

And at this price, one that's not worth missing.

License: 1 license can be used on 2 Macs
Requirements: macOS 10.10 or later
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This deal has expired!
This deal has expired!