The Full-Stack Web Dev Bundle
Master the web with this bundle of apps, resources and courses.
Yummy FTP Pro Ultimate
Lucid 3
Better Link Tester
Code Collector Pro
16 Wordpress Templates
SEO & Dev Icon Pack
Classic SEO Icon Pack
Call-to-Action Badges
The SEO Icon Pack
Hand Holding Device Mockups
Become a Web Developer
Full Stack Web Development
Learn Bootstrap in 10 Projects
JavaScript Server Technologies
15 delightful web development tools and resources.. A $980.97 value at over 97% off!
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Yummy FTP Pro Ultimate
Mac App
Speed up your FTP. Includes access and upgrades to the full Yummy Suite – for life!

Whether you need to transfer a few files or a few thousand, schedule automatic backups, or perform website maintenance, Yummy FTP Pro will handle it with ease.


  • Lifetime access to Yummy FTP Pro, FTP Lite, FTP Alias, and FTP Watcher.
  • Super fast transfers using turbo mode, which uses multiple active connections to maximize bandwidth and reduce latency.
  • Automatic reconnect and resume ensure transfers always get completed, even if interrupted.
  • Support for FTP/S, SFTP, WebDAV/S protocols.
  • View and edit remote files with the built-in text editor, or use your favorite text editor to make changes and automatically upload.
  • Advanced file and folder synchronization options ensure your server is kept up-to-date, exactly the way you want.
  • A bookmark manager that allows you to organize your bookmarks and sync them between your Macs using Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud Drive.
  • FTP Aliases allow you to upload to common locations as easily as dragging files into a folder.

Requirements: macOS 10.5.8 or later
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Lucid 3
Mac App
Delight your visitors by adding animation and movement to your site.
Whether you want to make visitors smile or bring their attention to something important, Lucid 3 is the tool for you. Using its unique visual representation of CSS animations and JavaScript, you can quickly add animations to your site regardless of your coding experience.

  • Select from a library of 100% customizable animations or create your own.

  • Access the code to make direct changes. (Very helpful for understanding how it works if you’re learning to code.)

  • Animations can be added to any element on your site by selecting the ID, class or element type.

  • Choose when the animation should run; on hover, click, page load and many more.

Requirements: macOS 10.11 or later. 4GB of RAM or over is recommended.
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Mac App
Code, manage and maintain websites with ease with this powerful text editor for Mac

With its highly customizable and extensible features, skEdit has everything you need to code websites of any size quickly and efficiently.


  • Code completion for standard tags, functions etc (customizable). Your own files are indexed so things you add will show up too.
  • Store and use common code samples in the Snippets library.
  • Keep sites organized with the Project Manager.
  • Work on local or remote files. Projects can contain a combination of local and remote files.
  • Clean up your code with integrated HTML Tidy support (customizable).
  • Preview your site live in the browser or run it through your web server.
  • Search and replace over entire projects to make quick site wide changes.
  • Easily add new languages and update existing languages with new syntax.
  • Automate common tasks with user scripts.

Requirements: macOS 10.8 or later
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Better Link Tester
Mac App
Web pages, especially those you’re not in control of, go down all the time. Check your site regularly with Better Link Tester to make sure every link works correctly and doesn’t show the dreaded 404 error page.

Better Link Tester makes the process easy and painless. Just point it at the URL on your site that you want to test, whether it is the first URL or one deep within your site it doesn’t matter, BLT can check them all.

Requirements: macOS 10.8 or later
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Code Collector Pro
Mac App
Web dev is so much easier with easily accessible code samples at your disposal.
Code Collector Pro is a code snippet manager for storing, organizing and easily accessing your commonly used code samples. Just add your snippets and call them up whenever you need them with a couple of keystrokes.

On top of this, you’ll also get access to an online repository of hundreds of snippets submitted by other Code Collector Pro users around the world.

Requirements: macOS 10.8 or later
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16 Wordpress Templates
Wordpress Templates
Beautiful mobile-friendly business templates for all your needs.
This huge collection of stunning Wordpress templates contains something for everyone. Stores, blogs, portfolios, spanning various sectors and industries.

All templates are responsive (mobile-friendly), cross-browser compatible, completely customizable (through coding or the popular Wordpress plugin Visual Composer) and very well documented.
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SEO & Dev Icon Pack
Web development icons with a particular focus on SEO
Icon set includes:
  • One Adobe Illustrator file (.ai) with set of 100% shaped and editable icons;
  • One Adobe Photoshop file (.psd) with set of 100% shaped and editable icons;
  • Twenty Five rasterized files in Portable Network Graphics (.png), each file in resolution 1024×1024 px, so you can use this icons without graphics programs such as photoshop and illustrator.


  1. Email Marketing Icon;
  2. SMM Icon;
  3. Google Places Marketing Icon;
  4. AdWords PayPerClick Setup Icon;
  5. Search Engine Optimization Icon;
  6. Mobile SEO Icon;
  7. Keyword Research Icon;
  8. Google Products Search Icon;
  9. Press Release Services Icon;
  10. Website Services Icon;
  11. Image Optimization Icon;
  12. E-Commerce Solutions Icon;
  13. Content Management Icon;
  14. Reporting Services Icon;
  15. Web Hosting Service Icon;
  16. Usability & Conversion Icon;
  17. Competitive analysis Icon;
  18. Video Marketing Icon;
  19. Link Building Icon;
  20. Web Development Icon;
  21. SEO Consulting Icon;
  22. Blogging Services Icon;
  23. Custom Programming Icon;
  24. SEO Packages Icon;
  25. Website Design and Development Icon.
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Classic SEO Icon Pack
SEO and marketing icons in EPS, Photoshop and Illustrator format
Icon set includes:
  • One Adobe Illustrator file (.ai) with set of 100% shaped and editable icons;
  • One Adobe Photoshop file (.psd) with set of 100% shaped and editable icons;
  • One Vector EPS file (.eps) with set of 100% shaped and editable icons;

Icons set developed for SEO Company Services, such as:

  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Content Management
  • Link Building
  • Web Marketing Analytics
  • Web Development
  • Google Places Optimization
  • SEO Consulting
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Website Optimization
  • Press Release Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Mobile SEO
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Call-to-Action Badges
21 call-to-action badges, perfect for your eCommerce website
A collection of call-to-action badges for your website or documents in Photoshop format (.psd). All fonts used are free.

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS3 or later
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The SEO Icon Pack
24 SEO and Web icons in Photoshop and Illustrator formats.
Icons included:
  1. Local SEO
  2. Web Development
  3. Keyword Research
  4. Pay Per Click Setup
  5. Custom Coding
  6. Google Places Optimization
  7. Search Engine Optimization
  8. Video Marketing
  9. Online Presence
  10. Landing Page Optimization
  11. Reputation Management
  12. Link Building Service
  13. SEO Consulting
  14. E-Commerce Solution
  15. Conversion Optimization
  16. Email Marketing
  17. Website Design
  18. Press Release
  19. Title Tag Optimization
  20. Mobile Marketing
  21. Marketing Analytics
  22. Viral Marketing
  23. Social Media Marketing
  24. Usability Conversion

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator CS5 or later
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Hand Holding Device Mockups
Detailed mockups of hands holding iOS devices in 16 configurations.
Features black and white iPhones and an iPad with hands in 16 different positions.

Requirements: Adobe CS4 or later
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Become a Web Developer
Learn what it takes to code dynamic, professional websites and web apps from the comfort of your own home.
Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon are all websites created by people who at one point in time didn't know anything about coding. In this comprehensive course, you will learn everything you need to know to follow in their footsteps.

You're going to learn how to code AND you're going to become a certified professional from a recognized international trainer. And best of all, you're going to have fun doing it.

Duration: 12 hours

“So many people believe that you must have a special 'gift' to create professional quality, dynamic websites/web apps. I'm here to tell you once and for all that this is false. All you need to have is the desire to learn and the ability to follow instructions—that's it!”
Mark Lassoff — Course Instructor

Course Outline
  • Welcome to HTML
  • Text Markup
  • Working with Lists
    • Creating HTML Links
  • Working with Images and Media
  • HTML Tables
  • HTML Forms
  • Understanding the CSS Box Model
  • CSS Based Page Layout
  • Hello Javascript!
  • Storing Information in Variables
  • Conditional Statements
  • Dialog Boxes
  • Now We're Iterating - Loops in Javascript
  • Coding Javascript Functions
  • Working with Arrays
  • The String Object
  • Obtaining and Manipulating User Information
  • The Document Object
  • Your First PHP Scripts
  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • Custom PHP Functions
  • Server File I/O
  • Sending Email with PHP
  • Working with the MySQL Database
  • Useful PHP Classes and Objects

Requirements: QuickTime Player
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Full Stack Web Development
Learn every aspect of web development in this fully featured video course containing 40+ projects.
The many layers of languages and technologies in web development are commonly referred to as the stack. These range from client-side (or front-end) technologies, the things that work in your browser, right through to server-side (or back-end) technologies for generating dynamic content or storing data.

It’s vital for modern day web devs to have an understanding of this multi-faceted landscape, and this is the course to provide you with that knowledge. The course outline below lists the specific technologies covered in this extensive course.

Duration: 33.5 hours

Course Outline
  • Course Introduction (09:34)
  • Basic HTML Programming (01:05:27)
  • HTML5 Programming (01:11:59)
  • Styling with CSS3 (01:40:17)
  • Twitter Bootstrap Programming (02:02:11)
  • Basic JavaScript Concepts (01:44:02)
  • jQuery Programming Techniques (01:31:01)
  • Backend programming with Node.js (02:30:19)
  • App Development with Meteor.js (59:30)
  • App Development with Angular (01:53:09)
  • Backend Programming with PHP (04:22:59)
  • Backend Programming with Ruby On Rails (01:37:46)
  • Datbase Design using MySQL (01:25:31)
  • Database design using PostgreSQL (01:11:43)
  • MongoDB - Learning NoSQL Database Design (01:56:14)
  • Learning CouchDB (50:00)
  • Redis - The Cache Database (01:30:51)
  • Learning Caching Using Memcached (48:22)
  • Markdown- The formatting markup language (28:51)
  • Sass - The CSS Preprocessor (01:09:15)
  • Git & Version Control (39:13)
  • Task Runners - Grunt and Gulp (45:38)
  • Chrome Developer Tools (48:19)
  • PHP Errors, Debugging & Config (41:20)
  • Course Summary (06:26)

Requirements: QuickTime Player
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Learn Bootstrap in 10 Projects
Learn how to create mobile-friendly websites with the world’s most popular web framework.
Bootstrap is the mother of all web frameworks. Learn how to create fully featured, mobile-friendly professional-looking websites by building 10 sample sites.

This course also introduces you to CSS processors LESS and SASS, tools that are an essential part of any modern web developers skillset.

Duration: 13.5 hours

Course Outline
  • Getting Started With Bootstrap (19:53)
  • Photo App Sales Website (01:20:29)
  • Portfolio Resume Using SASS (56:47)
  • Social Network Template (01:43:54)
  • Agency Landing Page Using LESS (01:20:45)
  • Photo Gallery (40:15)
  • CMS Admin Template (01:32:57)
  • Web Hosting Company Website (01:15:43)
  • Ecommerce Template (01:27:04)
  • Business Bootstrap Theme (01:41:27)
  • Blog Website (01:06:15)
  • Course Summary (05:03)

Requirements: QuickTime Player
This bundle has expired...
JavaScript Server Technologies
Learn to build 100% JavaSript web apps from scratch using node.js, Express, Backbone.js, Angular and Ember.
In this course, we bring together the most popular JavaScript technologies in a comprehensive training program.

We start with a recap of JavaScript and JQuery and follow up with in depth lectures on the latest JavaScript client and server technologies.

Duration: 10 hours

Course Outline
  • Introduction (06:02)
  • JavaScript Refresher (01:03:37)
  • JQuery Refresher (43:27)
  • Getting Started with Node.js (42:42)
  • Node.js Modules (26:49)
  • Express Framework (01:47:54)
  • Backbone.js (01:19:08)
  • Angular.js (01:47:08)
  • Ember.js (01:44:10)
  • Course Wrap Up (05:31)

Requirements: QuickTime Player
This bundle has expired...